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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ehh week

This week has been ehhh, not too grand we have had so many good meals from parents its crazy and well I havent been oh so good but not the worst ever. Ive tried to keep my portions small and try a bit of everything b/c well it just looked too good to pass it all up. Well today was probably the best day of food and they had the most amazing dessert and it was just one of those things you could look at and see all the calories floating away on it. It was a chocolate cake topped with condensed milk, whipped cream, and butterfinger. So how could anyone really resist this?? Im trying to keep it ok and not overdue it during lunch and then eat healthy lunch and dinner and exercise as well.

I cant wait till the end of the semester...May 22 cant come soon enough and then our 5th anniversary is May 24 and we are heading to Nashville..woo hoo!

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Christina said...

happy anniversary...congrats to you :)

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