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Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad start to the week

Yep Im owning up to it, its been a bad start to the week and its only Monday..its got to get better!

For breakfast it started off with a bagelful (which are delicious) and not horrible stats but a tad on the high side.

So this week is Teacher Appreciation Week and they have all kinds of moms that are bringing their homemade good stuff for all the teachers. Well today it was shrimp and grits (yes very southern for anyone who doesnt live here), sausage balls, egg and sausage breakfast casserole and they did have fruit so I grabbed a bunch of it with some water.

Then for dinner we had a big dinner and it couldnt get much worst for the food, well for nutrition wise not for taste wise. Fried catfish, fried french fries, fried hushpuppies...yikes! I ate it all but tried to keep small portions.

I dont even want to see the stats on how bad I did today. Then I had no time to exercise either Ive been running around like a chicken with my head cut off today. It was from the dinner that lasted 2 hrs to a basketball game and we just got home and I just wanted to post how I did and it was far from good thats for sure...hopefully tomorrow will be better than today!

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Christina said...

just get back on track and don't worry, I the week just started

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