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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Disappointed in the week...

Well I weighed in yesterday with a pretty big GAIN. I was pretty shocked a little since I had done really well at eating lots of veggies and fruits but of course I didnt exercise so Im kind of holding that as a reason as well maybe.

My gain this week was 2.4 lbs which I had tracked all week and honestly am not sure how I gained that much. I did have more sodium than normal which I saw in tracking my food but other than that I just dont see it other than does exercise make that big of a difference.

Well off to another week, Im just ready to get over this plateau I seem to be stuck in the 163-166 range and cant get over the plateau..just frustrating to say the least.

School is getting easier now that the Seniors are gone and my classes I will only have 2 now instead of 7 so life gets so much easier from here until May 22 the last day!

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Kathryn & Kevin said...

You'll get over the plateau. Just keep eating those fruits and veggies and with nice weather here, exercising will be easier.

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