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Monday, April 28, 2008

So-So Day

Well today was so-so. I had kind of a rough lunch because I have been bringing my lunches to school and this week I have break and I kid you not they seem to have no healthy options Im not sure what to do there for this week. I would bring something to warm up but there is one microwave for 174 students..yeah Im not waiting on that because lunch would be over by that time.

Goals for this week and how I did...
1) eat lots of fruits and veggies (ate 4 fruits, 2 veggies)
2) track my food each day (DONE)
3) drink at least 50 oz. of water (ONLY 33.8 oz so a little shy)
4) exercise on my elliptical (NOT TONIGHT)
5) cut down on useless sweets (NO USELESS SWEETS, unless you count STARBUCKS )

For shopping....I went back to NY & CO (my favorite place to shop of all times) to bring back a pair of pants I got since the other store didnt have them and they were half off if I got another pair of pants so I said Ill just go to the other one to get them. Well when I went in they had some other stuff on clearance and I got a really pair of nice pants and a cute shirt all for $25 in my new smaller size I need to stay away from the stores, they are dangerous right now

Food Journal for today

Tomorrow Im playing in our student-faculty basketball game and Lord help me I dont know a lick of basketball but I do know Ill be getting a good workout too

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