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Friday, April 11, 2008

Maintaining my weight...

Well this week was a maintain for my weight loss at 165.7, no gain or loss of any sort. Honestly Im not bummed about it at all because I know I did pretty well just need to get a few more veggies and fruits but its getting there but just taking some time. Ive drank my water, exercised the whole nine yards. As summer is pretty much here in the south at a high of today at 80 it will get even easier I think to lose these last 20 lbs.

Now why would I say such a thing like that and how would it be easier (if anyone is curious..) it will be hotter which in the south its nothing for it to be 90 degrees or hotter towards the end and humid and the sweat just comes pouring if you are outside. Another reason would be I think it motivates you so much more to have sunshine and pretty outside to go outside and get some exercise in. The final reason I would have to dont want to wear your big clothes or sweatshirts like in the winter you want to wear the clothes that fit and you sure dont want a "gut". Anyone agree with these or have anything else? I love the summer/spring its so motivating to lose the weight for sure. I mean who wants to be fat in a bathing suit?!

Also, I know this maybe a little old but saw this on Roni's blog and thought I agree with this so much.. #6 and #7 would be the ones I dont go with 100% but the others fit me so well! Article to go with it

1. They believe failure is to be expected, but that when you keep trying, ultimately you will be successful.
2. Those who kept their weight off realize that deprivation leads to binging and binging leads to setbacks.
3. They've learned to eat a wide variety of foods — even an occasional treat.
4. They closely monitor their weight, daily and/or weekly tracking loss or gains.
5. They plan for and exercise moderately for an hour each day and they add in activity wherever they can.
6. As a permanent way of life, these weight-loss successes choose plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and diary products and occasional allowances of sugar and fat.
7. They eat small frequent meals — often five — spread out over the day. They Graze!


Christina said...

Great weigh gain is always great! I ave read Roni's article and I believe it to be true as well
Have a great weekend!

Critter said...

You are doing awesome with your weight loss. Keep it up!!!

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