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Saturday, April 19, 2008

A whole week...

A whole week since Ive been here and the result of weigh in

Well I weighed in this morning and had a small gain. Honestly I really wasnt surprised because I feel like a big blimp with AF but its definitely something I can get off in no time. I gained .4 lbs this week so less than 1/2 lb. Ill start going full storm and AF will be all gone.

yesterday it was dreary, raining full blast and tornado warnings out for our area. I was going to go exercise but I just wasnt not feeling it. AF + dreary weather is not doing too good for my mind right now and this thing called exercise. Hopefully today will be better since its a pretty day and around 70ish degrees.

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Christina said...

great attitude about your gai...I know next week you'll see a big loss :)

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