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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Almost a week....

wow has it really been this long since Ive been by? Its almost been a week...

Well I havent fallen off the wagon just havent had much time to check in. Ive done ok, not fantastic but not horrible either somewhere in the middle...

Food Journal for the past few days if anyone is curious.
Monday, April 7
Tuesday, April 8
Wednesday, April 9
Thursday, April 10

Im curious to see if I will lose any or not this week. Ive been exercising every day for about an hour each day but I think my sodium and sugar have been a little on the higher side so well wait and see what happens tomorrow morning


Colette said...

I am definately one of those "lurkers" and always check your blog!!
I saw you was in New Orleans not long ago and I can so relate with what you said about the food! Yes its VERY yummy but just remember NOTHING is going to taste as good as thin is going to FEEL!!
Oh by the way....I am 30 minutes north of New Orleans and I am tempted ALL the time with the cajun food and I love it!!
Glad to see your rocking the scale girl!! Your definately motivating me!!

Christina said...

good luck on your weigh in....I have mine tomorrow and know I gained but as of tomorrow morning I am hitting it hard core :)

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