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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Food for today
Wed. Feb. 20

Today was ehh ok. I dont know what my deal is lately but I seem to have a super sweet tooth. Im trying to figure it out really I am and I cant seem to put my finger on it to save my life. Everything sweet seems to look so good Im glad I dont have anything super harmful thank goodness or I would really be in trouble big time.

The good thing is I have been getting in veggies & fruit which is something Ive been working on big time. The last few weeks Ive gotten either none or 1 at the most and today I got 2 veggie servings and one fruit

Also it was a beautiful day today at 70 and sunny so me and hubby went for a walk around our neighborhood I wish more days were like today. So I got in some exercise as well. Its not that I hate working out because I used to love it where there wouldnt be a day that went by I didnt work out but now yeah Ive been slacking I think the weather just changes your mood for some reason. In the summer Im working out as much as possible but whats up with the winter?!

The bad/kind of bad...I was over WW pts pretty bad but I still dont think its horrible. I had 36.4 pts -4 EX Pts so a grand total of 32.4 pts. I seem to do best when I stick around 27-30 pts. Its 1610 calories and 60 fat g, but a total of 28 g of fiber which maybe my highest day yet so thats a plus.

Food Recommendations
1) Hostess 100 calorie blueberry muffins-very good would highly recommend they are perfect for a quick up and go breakfast.

2) Feta Cheese with basil & sundried tomato-I love feta cheese (something I have discovered over the weight loss journey) and this stuff is even better. My favorite thing to put it on is salads..yum! Ive gotten to where I really dont eat much cheese at all if its not feta or pepperjack and this one is a big winner for sure

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CaRoLyN said...

I've got a major sweet tooth lately too but I think I figured out it was due to TOM. Everything chocolate just look sooo good. Last weekend I tried one of those 100 calories Aero bars and it seemed to curb the craving quite a bit! Almost feels like you ate a whole chocolate bar when you eat it piece by piece.

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