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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Food

Food for today
Thursday Feb. 21

Well today I had it all planned out for lunch Ill go to the cafeteria, get a salad and be a "good girl". So what happens?? They have one of my favorite things that they havent had in months probably not at all this year. I could have been good and stuck with my salad but I chose the sweet & sour chicken instead. I beat myself up over it all afternoon but I kept saying in my head "its not one meal that breaks you, its how your rebound to what it really says about you" so tonight I ate much better.

I think with that, egg roll and all that jazz my sodium count was really high today at 4303..yikes thats one of the highest days this week. I need to do better about controlling that. That will be a major retainer for sure.

Today its been an absolutely nasty day outside, our lights have flicked on and off and I kept thinking they were going to go out but they never did so no exercise for today.

Well see what tomorrow holds for the scale. Ive tried to be good and stay off but it is so addicting especially when you see it down

Also, I put it into Sparkpeople that pretty much I want to lose 1 lb per week and lose about 21-22 lbs which would put me at July 25 to be down to my goal weight and these are the numbers it gave me back on how to obtain it:
Calories: 1200-1550
Fat: 32-56
Carbs: 163-236
Protein: 60-127

My stats for today with this 1510(cal)-47(fat)-229(carbs)-47(protein) so Im pretty close to that range except for the protein.

Also those Healthy Choice bars that Ive been raving about they are only .9 pts so go grab you a few boxes but the warning out is they are addicting because they are so good. There is nothing that tastes diet or low fat they are really rich which shocked me the most and less than 1 pt how can you beat that?!

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