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Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Food

Thanks for all the comments and support it always helps to know people are following along:)

Today wasnt a horrible day but nothing fantastic either, somewhere I guess in the middle.
Food for today..Monday, Feb. 25

I did though get in a good walk/run and we had another beautiful day at 72 degrees and sunny but it will drop down in the 50's tomorrow, how could you possibly get sick with a 20 degree drop..haha! I got in a good solid hour which has been tough to accomplish through the week.

Also, just a article to leave you with today thought it was interesting
25 Little tips for Big weight loss

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Kathryn & Kevin said...

I'm so jealous of 72 degrees; heck 50's sounds great! At least we are in the 30s, but now we are having another snowstorm!

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