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Friday, February 8, 2008


Well Im so disappointed I must say. I weighed in this morning and was UP 2.1 lbs to 168.0. I just want to cry I cant believe I gained weight. I have really been watching what I eat. I did eat bad on Monday (brothers birthday) but they had pizza and I only had 2 pieces I thought that wasnt too bad at all but uggh Im frustrated I just cant seem to lose weight right now no matter what I do. Granted this week I havent done much exercise since I have had the cruddy crud but my eating hasnt been bad at all but I guess my body just doesnt want to lose weight or something

This next week my birthday is Monday so I deserve the day off, right but other than that I plan on eating well, tracking and exercising.

Also, I never eat after 7 usually but never after 8. Im not a big snacker at all but the occasional snack does come up but they are always the 100 calorie stuff, or some healthy crackers thats about it.


Rebecca said...

i was so in your shoes last week, and had a phenomenal loss this week.

just keep on chuggin, i'm sure it'll be off next week.

Jessica said...

Weight loss is frustrating but take time to reflect on how far you have come already and how close you are to reaching your goal. You have come a long way, don't let a bad week get you down. Keep your chin up.

Critter said...

I am sure your body just needed a break since you have been sick. I bet you will have an awesome loss next week.

Kathryn & Kevin said...

I'm sure it's frustrating. I know they always say it gets harder right near the end. I use to faithfully watch The Biggest Loser and they'd always struggle, the last few episodes. They usually exercise and all almost all day long, so if they struggle near the end, it's no surprise you would too. You've come so far! It'll come off. Have a happy birthday today. It's also my father-ion-law's birthday today. Are you off for Washington's or is it Lincoln's birthday?

Caroline said...

I'm so sorry about your WI! Hang in there. The scale will cooperate eventually!

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