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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wednesday, Feb. 27 Food

Today was a much better day and I even resisted the cookies at school, go me! I never can seem to resist those things but they had a line around them and well i just wasnt in much of a cookie/sweet mode which is very unusual but hey I wont complain..haha!

It has been so cold out lately so I wont call that my excuse but more my problem. We have been debating on whether to join a gym or not. We have joined a few gone for a few weeks then well we stopped going but still had to pay so we are just trying to analyze if its worth it or not. Any opinions/help??


Anonymous said...

If you know you won't regularly go to the gym then I wouldn't bother wasting your money. But there are exercise programs you can do at home. I really like the Firm video system, but there are also things like "slim in 6" and for the guys "power 90" that can really transform your body and improve your fitness level. Perhaps after enough time using the videos and becoming more fit you may find a desire to have more variety or options. If that happens later on you might want to join a gym, but don't join just because you think you should. There are other options. =] good luck!

CaRoLyN said...

Mmm cookies. Thanks for throwing those little bits of heavn into my thoughts. hahah

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