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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Week/Weekend

So for the food the past few days for the birthday meals (birthday was yesterday..Im getting so old turning 27..haha!) has been ok, nothing special, not the normal stuff I would eat by any means but not horrible. I think my stomach has shrunk and I get full a lot quicker so once Im full I put it down, no more thats it so Im proud of that accomplishment for sure because before I would stuff myself until I was about to it really is amazing the difference.

Last night we went to Red Lobster and it was delicious but I would not have even wanted to see the calories and fat on that meal but I must say a few birthdays ago I would have eaten every bite but this time I only had half and then saved the rest so I could take it tonight So its now all gone and I only have one piece of birthday cake left which was delicious it was cake with strawberry custard ice good!

Tomorrow Ill start tracking everything that goes in my mouth so I can have at least a small loss. Also Ive started to get into running (only small amts but its a start) and really enjoy it but of course it is tough for sure.

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