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Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well I weighed in yesterday and was up .4 lbs to 165.9 lbs so not a huge gain but still a gain is a gain. I know I didnt do as well as I had been doing but I was exercising so I think thats why I didnt gain more than I did.

Off to another week. The flu has been going around our school really bad and unfortunately I think Im starting to get it or something. I just feel so blah, weak, etc. but hope I can fight it off and not get it but as many students as Im around I have a feeling Ill probably get it.


Caroline said...

Sorry about the gain, and sure hope you stay healthy!

noelle said...

after all the late night eating you said you did last week, that's not too bad of a gain. you'll have it off in no time.

hope you don't sick...not fun at all!

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