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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well I must confess to myself and everyone else just how BAD my WL has been going...HELP!

So Friday I weighed in and GAIN 3.7 lbs??!! How I managed to do that Im still trying to figure out. I ate barely anything and exercised...can someone explain this one to me?? Im really struggling with it. I mean 1 lb I can even handle but 3.7

So when I saw the scale and how high it reached I went ape this week Ill be real honest and said screw it I eat good or barely anything, exercise and have a gain like that Ill show it.

Well tonight I hit a breaking point and said what am I thinking with this attitude this isnt me Im better than this. So tomorrow I must track, exercise and everything else Ive let myself go way too much but am glad I realized it before I gained anymore weight.

Any tips, pointers to help get back on track after a defeating gain???


Kathryn & Kevin said...

You've come so far and are doing so well; hang in there! Remember, they say muscle weighs more than fat, so you probably are gaining muscle. Keep up the good work. We can't all be skinny-minnies.

Also, as we age, our bodies don't act they way they used to. During my late teens and most of my 20's, I stayed in the 120s; now I'm in the mid to upper 140s. I was freaking for a while, but everyone was telling me this is normal as we grow older. I know you're only around 27 or 28, I think, but everyone's body acts differently. You've lost a good 40+ pounds, as long as you know you are eating relatively healthy and not pigging out on stuff; try not to worry about it too much.

I haven't watched Biggest Loser in a few years, but after so many weeks don't they either gain some weight after a while or really slow on their weight loss. If you are doing what you should, it's probably just a minor setback. Don't give up; just shake it off and keep on exercising and eating the right way!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I know you must feel so frustrated about the weight gain but do not lose hope!

kathryn & kevin mentioned the who muscle weighs more than fat saying which I also believe may be what is really happening here.

I would suggest keeping not just a record of your weight, but also a record of your measurements. Measure your neck, waist, hips, arms, & thighs, and keep track of the changes in them; it can be very motivating! The scale is only one way to tell that you are succeeding in your goals.

figsandolives said...

Seriously, don't get put off by the gain. Most of it is probably water. Not so long ago, I had a 2-lb gain which really really surprised me. And I'm thinking it was because:
1. Even though I was eating healthy and logging everything, I may have been eating more portions without realizing.

2. I was getting overconfident thinking I'm now a natural and don't have to be so careful (I had a large weight loss the previous week).

Anyway, the best thing is as you said, to get back to basics, drink your water, and possible weigh yourself mid-week to make sure you are still either losing or steady :)

Just my 2cents.

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