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Friday, March 28, 2008

Gain WAY too large...

Thank you girls for the encouraging comments it has taken every ounce of me not to just throw up my hands and say I give up. I had a bad week and I know I deserve what I gained and Ill fully admit to it. I let myself go way beyond just eating too much. I let myself eat whatever I want, whenever I want and no exercise at all, its like I went back to the really old me before I lost the weight. I just dont know what I was thinking doing it. Its a new week and Im determined to have a loss next week. I need to get back to the very basics of when I started.

So that being said my gain this week was 4.5 lbs and weighing in at 168.9 which I was honestly saying 5 as bad as I ate. Im pretty bummed I gained that much in one week but I do know I deserved every last lb that was added due to myself and how I treated my body this week.

Plan for this week....
1) Get back to tracking and really watching what I eat. If Im not hungry I dont need to eat...
2) Water..make sure I drink lots of water I seem to feel myself getting deprived of that water
3) Fried Food..I need to toss them to the wayside and let them go or have them on occassions, not every day
4) Exercise at least 3 times this week. It will be tough with Prom but then I say that knowing we will be organizing, decorating and probably moving more than I would do in a regular walk.
5) Fruits and to get back to eating these

So any advice on how you get back to doing what you have been doing after a rough week i would love to hear anything I need some major motivation right now!


Christina said...

Amber I went through exactly what you did for the last two weeks. I gained about 5 lbs too. I sucked it up, went to my meeting and now am back on schedule. It is so hard to lose weight and so easy to be fat. What I try to keep in mind is that it is a daily effort, one day, one meal at a time. You had a blip (as my leader called it) it happens, its over now just focus on getting to goal. Ask yourself what it is you really want and what makes you feel happier, losing weight, being thin or eating that garbage food...hope that helps. Stay strong girl, I got your back :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey you can do it! I am so motivated by your success. I am in a rut too but mine is way to early to justify!! Oh well...I gained 3.4 but lost 1.6 this week....maybe I am back on track!! I will be praying for you as I drink my water!
Elizabeth (cupcake)

Natalie C. said...

Amber, I agree with Christina. It is so hard to lose weight and so easy to be fat. It makes me feel soooooo much less bad about myself that other people may have a "blip" and gain 4 or 5 pounds. I did just that the last few weeks. I wish so bad I was either closer to my goal or that it didn't take so dang long to lose weight. But it is what it is. I'm just glad for the moral support of the bloggers. :)

B said...

I always tell myself that I just have to get through three or four tough days of really missing the sweet stuff before I won't want it all the time any more and things will get much better.

Plus, you can either give up and wind up back where you started or keep going - they are your only two options!

You can do it!

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