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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rough Week

Thank you girls for all of the comments I have sure needed them this week!

So lets see this week has been hell on earth week. After Spring break the kids are wild as anything and Ive had some real issues with a few and their attitudes. I feel like Ive gotten pretty good at putting them in their place but this week has been an extreme challenge.

Then on top of the kids being wild my dear sweet hubby ended up going to the ER after his mouth bled for over 2 hrs and it wasnt slowing down. Well turns out he ended up having a pinched nerve and somehow it busted. He got it all taken care of now but it was quite scary to be bleeding the way he was without stopping.

Then on top of all that I get to be in charge of prom with another teacher and its a week from today and its been crazy trying to make sure everything is completed, put together. Im counting down the days until next Thursday is over! It will be a long, long day that day but the reward is that Friday we are off!!

My motivation is extremely down and I feel like Ive gained 10 lbs this week Ive been so bad and with no exercise and no sleep. I just need to go lay down and take a nap now.

Food Journal for today..not sure what we are having for dinner Ill come back and put it in..
Breakfast: Fiber one-chocolate, water
Lunch: asian chicken, fried rice with sweet & sour sauce, fried egg roll with sweet & sour sauce, M&M cookie, water
Dinner: ?
Snack: pear, 2 pieces of banana nut bread with honey butter, lemonade, 100 calorie mint grasshopper cookies, lemonade, water


Christina said...

wow that sounds like a rollercoaster you've been on. Don't get discouraged stay strong and positive. It will be a better week next week :)

Kathryn & Kevin said...

You probably did better than you think; nerxt week is a new week and you'll do better.

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