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Monday, March 31, 2008

Winning Day!

Thank you girls for all the comments you truly dont know how much it means to have people checking up on you and those that support you it really does mean a lot and it really does make it that much more difficult to give in/up. I went to look at my counter today that has been in place almost a year (one year April 12) and there has been 5,428 people visit my blog. That is truly amazing and quite shocking to me to know that many people have visited even if you didnt comment. I have a few people that read the blog and email me which I love comments either way so if your reading along feel free to leave a comment I always like to see who is reading along.

Well I must say after Friday I had two choices:
1) Let it ruin me and keep up the pile on of pounds
2) Change me and get back to the basics

Well I chose #2 and really got down to the nitty gritty this weekend. I tracked every single little thing I put in my mouth this weekend, there were no freebies. As silly as this sounds sometimes it made me almost not want to eat things because I would have to go log it in so I think it really did help. I have drank tons and tons of water which is a big plus also.

So today was truly the first day I have felt like I can do this, this is how I need to feel. I ate well, cooked in tonight and used wheat pasta and hubby didnt know until afterwards and I told him and he said I cant even tell, used lean meat and it was a pretty decently low in fat meal. For lunch I did well also and brought my lunch instead of eating in the fattening cafeteria so that helped also.

Then to top off the night I went and walked. I was going to run but I think I kind of killed them this weekend so I wanted to get in some physical activity but something a little lighter on my legs because they were hurting because I pushed them too hard this weekend I think. I was determined not to gain this week and lose.

So I weighed in this morning I was curious to see if I had lost any yet after having a pretty good weekend with food and exercise and I had lost 1.0 lb so far so its coming off.

So anyway the point of that to be said, today was just what I needed to get me feeling great and like I can do this and not feeling defeated like I have been. Then on top of all this other good stuff I guzzled down 60 oz. of water about 10 oz. over my goal. So yes I had a WONDERFUL day I just need to keep it up! Thursday night is prom so that day will be a little tougher because I really cant plan things out and when I dont plan is when I usually dont do so well. I cant wait for Thursday to be over with. Ill get up at 6 am and the day probably wont be over until the next morning probably Im guessing 1:30 am to 2:00 a.m. so Im sure Ill be a zombie I havent stayed up that late in a while!

This all to say, its amazing how much ONE day truly does make a difference. Food Journal for today


Natalie C. said...

Healthy dinner & water! Those are such great accomplishments! I can say I've done the same today, too, even though everything wasn't perfect about my eating, I'm going to do what you've done & look at the positive. :) Good luck, Amber!

Christina said...

That truly is pound off. You are doing great by staying positive and not giving up, way to go! That's how it has to be done, be accountable to ourselves...way to go girl :)

Randi said...

Prom? me=confused.

good job this weekend. I find that when I force myself to track I eat way less since I just hate writing things down!

Kathryn & Kevin said...

You're making a great comeback! Way to go, girl!! I've been eating like a pig lately; don't know what my problem is!

->cara said...

I think support is the key to any long term weight loss journey. That and accountability. Without those two, I know I couldn't lose one pound. I love that blogs can provide some of that for us.

So glad to hear your losing again. Sounds like you're back in the swing of things.

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