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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not as great of a day

Today wasnt quite as good but it wasnt as bad as I have been eaten either. For some reason I have been sooo snacky and need to get out of that habit.

Food for today
Breakfast: Apple cinnamon Cheerios (2.3), 1% milk-1/2 c (1.1), banana (1)
Snack: borden string cheese (1.7)
Lunch: Schlotsky's Deli sm smoked turkey sandwich (7.2), jalepeno chips (5.2), water (0)
Dinner: Burger-90/10 meat (4.7), pepperjack cheese (1.2), bun (2.1), BBQ sauce (.7), relish (.1), white cheddar popcorn (2.3), water (0)
Snack: apple sauce (1.4), fudgesicle (1.3), borden string cheese (1.7), baby Almond Joy (1.8)

Food Pts: 35.8
Exercise (1 hr walk) -4
Total Pts: 31.8
Overage: 5.8

Calories: 1677
Fat: 55.75
Fiber: 11


CaRoLyN said...

I find snacky foods like mini chocolate bars and things like that only leave me wanting more and tend to make me give in to more snack foods. Maybe choosing fruit or veggies and dip in their place might make you feel fuller and not craving more sugar. Just a suggestion! :)
You'll find your groove no doubt!

Chellie has Issues said...

I know I get really snacky when I either haven't eaten that much for breakfast/lunch OR I haven't had enough fiber or protien. When I see your fiber count was 11, the recommended daily amount is 20-25. Bulking up on your fiber, especially at breakfast, may help with snacking. I LOVE Smartpop 94% FF popcorn and Fiber One Caramel and Oats bars. They are like a candy bar to me! Just keep tracking, that's the most important thing.

Colette said...

Ollie Ollie in come Free!! LOL

Where are you? Hope things are ok!!

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