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Monday, July 7, 2008

Anyone still out there?!

Wow its been what almost 3 weeks now since Ive posted and I doubt anyone is still reading this thing since its been so long. I have fallen off the wagon big time for sure!

A little background and where I have been was on vacation last week (didnt eat well), week before I took the Praxis I and studied my butt off (passed two of the ones I know and get the last part back in about 1-2 weeks), then the week before I took the Praxis II (will get my scores Friday!) and then Ive had class as well so its been a busy busy time. Oh then on top of that I got a new job teaching high school but at a public school instead of private school and Im pretty excited about it, its a HUGE raise so that will be nice as well!

Hubby and I are going to start the Couch to 5k program has anyone else done this? If you arent familiar with it here is the link to it...Couch to 5k program

Food for today was eghh ok but I know I have to get back to posting it all and it will help me to get back in the feel of things so here goes..

Breakfast: 2 cups of fruit (grapes, watermelon, cantelope)
Lunch: Dairy Queen kids meal (cheeseburger-plain, apple sauce, kids sprite)
Dinner: 1 piece of chicken fajita pizza, 1 piece of cheese pizza, 2 breadsticks with marinara, salad (lettuce, bacon bits, brocolli, cucumbers, ranch-NO CHEESE!), 1 glass of sweet tea
Snack: 1 grape popsicle

After typing this all out I just realized Ive had no water and no exercise either gotta get better but its a start Im embarressed to even say how bad Ive been eating this is actually much better. I probably had been eating close to 2500-3000 calories a day.bad, bad but thats why Im geting back in the groove.

Oh and today I weighed in after vacation and not eating all that grand and have gotten myself up to 173.3 and I was down to 163.2 at one point pitiful for sure.

Tomorrow I will be gone all day but hopefully I can eat healthy and get back to it. Working out will be tough but depending on when I get back tomorrow I will have some time to work out. If not Wednesday it will be to start my workouts.


Katie said...

You can get that weight back off. Hopefully the Couch to 5K program will help. Don't give up now!

Kathryn & Kevin said...

Sounds lik3e you've had a busy month! Where did you go for vacation? Congratulations on the new job! You can get back down to 163 and then some!

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