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Friday, June 20, 2008


Thank you girls for coming to check up on me I havent been too good about coming here probably because Ive been doing so horribly! For some reason I am really sucking it up I need to get my act together and sooonnnn. I have gained 4 lbs in the last month just not acceptable to me...Monday it is back to tracking every little thing that goes into my mouth Im tired of this crappy feeling

My stats for the past month..gotta get back to the stuff I had been doing to lose this weight this is just unacceptable..6 weeks I have GAINED 4 lbs...uggh thats probably why Ive been feeling like a chubby lard lately

5-9: 164.4
5-16: 165.4
5-23: 165.9
5-30: 165.5
6-6: 166.6
6-13: 167.7
6-20: 168.4


Colette said...

Hey Amber you can do it, besides you will have those 4 pounds off in no time!!
Glad to see you back too...but honestly I do not think anyone is a bad as me when it comes to blogging!!!

CaRoLyN said...

It comes back on so easy doesn't it? GRRR but then it takes a mountain of effort to get it off. Don't worry, you'll get there, you just need to find your groove again!

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