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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting Better...

Well I guess its been almost a month and usually I guess when i dont post for that long it means Ive hit the bad part instead of the good part but I finally have found a better home in the good direction for a few weeks just been busy with school.

Weigh Ins and results...
August 15-174.8
August 22-172.4
August 29-171.0

So Ive now lost almost 4 lbs and am getting back into the groove of things with school being back in session.

Also does anyone else have a WiiFit? It really has some fun things and gets kind of addictive since when you use it for so long you get to unlock new games. At first I wanted to kick it when it told my how unbalanced and my real age but I know Im going to get better so my real age can go down!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day and thanks for checking in on me!

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