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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day Two

Day Two...

Much better day and my food was a little bit better too. Im trying to make small strides to eating better, losing the weight so these last 20 lbs will melt away

Ive been trying to get in some veggies and really try to analyze everything I eat. Today at lunch in the cafeteria I wanted some type of meat and the only option was fried chicken strips so I ended up eating only 1.5 instead of the 3 I could have eaten so again small strides....

Differences from yesterday...
Calories: 1960 - 1419
Carbs: 314 - 198
Fat: 56 - 47
Protein: 56 - 56
Sodium: 4265 - 3738

So much, much better but still lots of room to improve. I have it setup in sparkpeople and how much weight I want to lose and what calories and all it tells me and I was very close to stay in range except for protein and sodium was really high

Amounts it should be:
Calories: 1200-1500
Carbs: 163-236
Fat: 32-56
Protein: 60-127
Sodium: 2300

Food for today

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spunkysuzi said...

Slowly but surely works best anyway!!

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