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Friday, November 7, 2008

Anyone still reading??

Well after being gone for almost a month I weighed in this morning and was down from the past two weeks when i weighed in at 176.4. My weight this week was at 174.8 which is a decent loss from last week of 1.6 lbs!

Success Plan for this week....
*no sweet tea (wonder if it really effects me that badly)
*lots of water
*eat smaller portions
*work out at least 3X a week (walking, Y, etc)

So that was my plan this past week and it seemed to work well, we will see how this week goes!


Jayme said...

I am still reading:) ..sounds like a great plan for a successful of luck to you:)

Colette said...

yeah way to go Amber....yes I am still reading too!!

Rebecca said...

hey amber!

been away myself for a while...gained a lot more than you but am slowly working my way down.

Colette said...

ok time to resurface and take a breath of air so we know your alive!!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

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