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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thursday Food

Another good day down and yep a little low on calories and points but why eat more if you arent hungry just to say you got in the right amount of points.

Also, I must emphasize how much I just love the new line of Lean cuisine Brick Oven pizzas, devine and they are good for you, how about that one?!

Im ready tomorrow for weigh in, and Im hoping for a good weigh in, at least 1 lb but hopefully more. This morning I weighed myself and was down to 182.9 which is a 2.7 lb loss since Friday!!

I just got a collection of new DVDs from Beach body I was planning on doing them tonight but turns out that UPS didnt deliver until after 7 so Ill do them tomorrow. The series is the slim in 6 program which is supposed to be pretty good. I never thought I would enjoy working out as much as I do but love it, its almost like brushing your teeth just a part of your day and if I dont workout and have plans to, it always puts me in a bad mood.

Also, I found a new site today for tracking your food, what a great site for information as well: I have also added this site under the links on the sidebar. Enjoy!

Ill also post tomorrow the food recommendations for this week.
Breakfast: Quaker Blueberry muffin bar (2), water (0)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza (6), water (0)
Dinner: Tyson fajita meat with oil and seasoning (4), tortilla shell (3), 1.5 tbsp light sour cream (1), 2 tbsp salsa (0)
Snacks: carrots (0), ranch dressing (3)
Water: 67.6 oz.
Exercise: 15 minute walk, 15 minute elliptical, 100 crunches (4-5 minutes)
WW pts: 19 - 3 EX Pts = 16
Weight: 182.9
Cals: 933
Fat: 30
S. Fat: 10
Cholesterol: 98
Sodium: 2787
Potassium: 460
Carbs: 114
Fiber: 10
Sugar: 28
Protein: 51


Fatinah said...

I haven't been able to find the Brick Oven pizzas anywhere - what store do you buy them in?
I will check out sparkpeople...thanks for the tip!

CaRoLyN said...

Hey Amber

I know what you mean about checking out other people's daily food journal. I check yours every morning! I find sometimes you can get in a rut and eat the same thing every week!
I haven't been able to find the Lean Cuisine oven pizzas either but I am in Canada and we don't have all the great products that you guys have down there.
However a friend of mine and I are going down to Calais, Maine next weekend to raid the grocery stores!!!! Can't wait. Any suggestiosn on great items I should look for?

Keep up the great work Amber, your blog has been a great support and is helping to keep me on track!!

PS my weigh in was pretty disappointing. I felt like I had definietly lost but when I got on the scale it was the same as last week. I'm still optimistic though because I can feel my pants getting a little looser. Maybe it's because I started weight training???

Have a happy weekend!


Amber said...

I actually bought the brick oven pizzas at wal-mart supercenter.

Tips on food...all the ones I have found to be good and lower in fat I have pretty much posted:)

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