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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monday Food

Yesterday was a pretty successful day I think Im having more luck getting in about 30 pts (after exercise) even though according to WW Im supposed to be at 24 it just doesnt seem like my body does well on that little amount of food.

So my find of the evening was the Italian Herb Flat out wraps (thanks Carolyn for the recommendation!) I got these the other day but had not tried them out yet and wow these were wonderful! I actually put mine in the toaster got it a little crispy and put some chicken salad on it and wow amazing..yum!!

Then this morning one of my co-workers who is also trying to lose weight commented how great I look and she goes wow you look amazing you are so skinny so it made my morning for sure. Nothing better and more motivating for people to comment on your appearance!
Breakfast: Fiber OneOats & Peanut Butter bar (3), banana (1), water (0)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine BBQ-recipe chicken pizza (7)
Dinner: Italian Herb Flat out Wrap with chicken salad (6), lettuce, bacon bits, 3 tbsp. light caesar dressing, croutons (4)
Snacks: Hersheys Sticks Caramel filled Milk Chocolate (1), Hostess 100 calorie pack Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Icing (2), Banana (1), Baby carrots with ranch dressing (3), 5 oz sweet tea (1), Sargento Light String Cheese (1), Jell-o Pudding pop (2)
Water: 75.6 oz.
Exercise: 60 minute walk
WW pts: 33- 4 EX = 29
Total Calories: 1727


duenneschen said...

hey lady!!!

a little behind but yeah for the loss and welcome to the wonderful fabulous 170's!!!!

Christina said...

amazing loss, keep it up you are doing great! :)

CaRoLyN said...

I just LOVE those wraps...I am almost all out...I'll be going back down to Maine, though to get more!! they are great in so many things, wraps, quesadillas, fajitas!
I love getting compliments! It makes you feel so great!! It's so great when people start to notice all your hard work!

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