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Friday, March 2, 2007


What a wonderful weigh in I had for sure!

I was DOWN 3.4 lbs since last Friday..wooo hoo!!

So thats 25.3 lbs overall
12 lbs this year (2007 only)
1.9 lbs above my goal of 1.1 lbs a week
That puts me at 182.2 lbs (a number I havent seen in a very long time!!)

My goal is to get to 140 by 12-7-07 so Im well on my way for sure. Great week looking forward to another!!


CaRoLyN said...

Good for you, you must feel fantastic! All that hard work is paying off.
Keep up the great work!
Is your goal to make 140 by July 07/07 Or December 12/07 & When did you start WW?
I would like to lose another 20 lbs and then I think I would be satisfied but it is taking so long to come off! The first 50lbs came off pretty quick but now it is slowing down so much!

Anyway just wanted to say Great Job!!

noelle said...

WTG!!! That is such a great loss after you have really tried to refocus the past few days. Glad you are enjoying working out so much, too. Me? not so much!! lol When do find time or make time to make it happen? Between work, kids and family life, I don't know when I would squeeze that in too.

Amber said...

Just to answer a few questions...

I started WW on 7-10-2006 and hope to make it to my goal of 140 by 12-2007.

I usually workout when I get home from work I usually have around about an hour before my husband gets home and take full advantage of it! I also love working out on my elliptical at home to a TV show that I usually watch. Instead of sitting on my butt and being lazy why not get in some good exercise. Sometimes me and my husband Chad like to go walking around our neighborhood if the weather is nice enough. I think seeing the results really has motivated me that much more to work out. I dont have any kids so that hasnt been an issue yet.

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