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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Food

Great day, great workout and Ill say it again (its been a while) what a difference a good workout and how it makes you feel so much better about your success.

So today for lunch I went for a walk, was going to come home go for another one but it started pouring down rain so that nixed that idea so I decided to jump on my elliptical machine at home which I do love it I got it for Christmas but I started gaining (thinking muscle) and I got discouraged and kind of got off my kick of it when I didnt see the pounds dropping (bad..yes but true) so anyway Im back on my kick of it I love that thing and really need to use it more. When I first got it I started at not being able to go 5minutes and 2.5 mph was a big deal. Well tonight I was at 30 minutes and up to 7.2 mph what a difference a few months truly makes and boy was I sweating to death after it and I drank (2) 16.9 oz of water it wore me out so much but made me feel so good to complete it.

My other small victory was today I totally forgot my salad dressing for my salad and we have a cafeteria at the university I work at so i went over there to get some and had so many options and didnt know how much calories/fat, etc was in any of them but when I went back I looked it up and the one I choose Balsamic was the lowest in every area so I was pretty proud of course and the salad turned out so good and not bad at all.

So tomorrow is weigh in and yeah Im about 99.9% sure Ill have a gain only because I gained so much over the weekend but my goal for the week was to make a substantial stride in getting that 4.5 lbs I gained off so well see what the final verdict is in the morning. Monday I weighed 186.3 so hopefully Ill be a lot less than that my goal is to get it all off by next week weigh in
Breakfast: Yoplait Whips Peaches N cream yogurt (3), banana (1), water (0)
Lunch: Lettuce (0), balsamic dressing (1), boneless chicken with new orleans cajun marinade (4), feta cheese (2), water (0)
Dinner: Italian chicken fried in olive oil (9), 15 baked tostitos scoops (2), salsa (0), sister schubert roll with FF butter spray (3)
Snacks: hostess 100 calorie carrot cake (2)
Water: 84.5 oz.
Exercise: 25 minute walk, 30 minute elliptical
WW pts: 27 - 4 EX Pts = 23


Colette said...

Great Job Hun!! Keep up the hard work girl your doing great!! Im struggling right with ya....just remember this..... " Nothing taste as good as thin is gonna feel!"


CaRoLyN said...

Wow what a great comment Colette!!!
Amber, I am so anxious to see how you did this morning!! Great job jumping back on the elliptical last night. I would LOVE to buy one when hubby and I buy a house (should be in less than 2 months) I just love them!! any suggestions on what I shoul dbe looking for?
Good luck this morning!!

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