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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monday Food

Well yesterday was a much better day I still went over points a little but not too much. I really wanted to get in more exercise but I was so tired I had no motivation to do much at all I think this time change thing still has my body all whacked out but hopefully it will adjust soon! Oh and big thing yesterday was we went out to eat I actually got some healthy and drank water instead of sweet tea..major accomplishment for sure!

I did go to the mall last night and get a new pair of shoes well see how I like them.

I did weigh in this morning and had lost 1.7 lbs of my 4.5 so only 2.8 lbs to go to lose what I gained...haha!
Breakfast: Yoplait Whips Strawberry Mist Yogurt (3), water (0)

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Vegetable eggroll with rice with soy sauce (7), water (0)

Dinner: TGIFridays 2 breadstick (4), Shrimp Key West (5), French Onion Soup (4), water (0)

Snacks: Fiber one Oats & Peanut butter bar (3), apple (1), 100 calorie cheetos (2)

Water: 74.7 oz.

Exercise: 30 minute walk

WW pts: 29 - 3 EX Pts = 26


CaRoLyN said...

Great Job getting back on track yesterday! Don't even worry about those pesky 2.8 lbs, they'll fly off!
Keep up the great work and good job eating healthy at TGI Fridays. I wish we had one of those here in New Brunswick.
Plus new shoes should be able to cheer you up...always seems to work for me!

Cory said...

Way to go on getting back that loss. Those extra one pounds will fly away in no time.
And thanks for leaving the comment! I appreciate it. (It also reminds me that I haven't posted today!!!)

duenneschen said...


thank you for that lovely comment!!!

i totally agree with you!

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