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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A pretty successful day, not too bad. I know I went over pts but I guess Im not so focused on my pts but trying to stay in the calorie range more so I guess.

Also I went to Wendys tonight thinking oh that salad cant be that bad with FF its a lot more than I thought it was going to be. I should have just gotten that spicy chicken sandwich I was craving for about the same pts with all the croutons, dressing and such I actually would have came out better.

Did anyone else see that Roni ( has opened up the blogs part of her site. I signed up for one but Im not sure which one Ill use but Ill be sure to let everyone know if I do change over to it. I really love all the support I get here for sure:)

Oh well no biggie hopefully tomorrow will be a good WI Im hoping
Breakfast: Fiber OneOats & Peanut Butter bar (3), banana (1), water (0)
Lunch: Panera Bread 1/2 Chicken Bacon Dijon (9), fruit cup (2), water (0)
Dinner: Wendy's Chicken BLT salad (8), 2 packets light ranch dressing (5), garlic croutons (2)
Snacks: Edy's Smoothie Strawberry-Banana bar (2), banana (1) with FF condensed milk (1)
Water: 50.7 oz.
Exercise: 60 minute walk
WW pts: 33 - 4 EX = 29
Total Calories: 1641


Colette said...

Just was reading over your last few blogs. I seem to have the opposite problem than you when I am stressed!! All I want to do is eat! Today was the day from hell (work wise) and I brought my 5 points spaghetti for lunch but damn if I didnt go eat chinese for lunch. I was fairly good though.. 1 cup chicken and brocolli, 1/2 c white rice, egg drop soup and one of those WONDERFUL FRIED cream cheese wontons!! How do you handle Stress and the food comfort craving? I'd love to hear from others and would welcome some ideas to AVOID doing that again. Love your blog and Roni's too

CaRoLyN said...

I love Wendy's. I always get the small chili (3.5 pts) and a Jr Hamburger Deluxe (6) It's 9.5 pts for the meal but at supper it is really filling and yummy and it squashes my cravings for grease!
I also saw that Roni opened up a blog community. I did consider changing my post over there but decided to stick with my own. The support is great and I think there is more options on our own. But who knows. Let us know what you decide because I love checkin gyour blog everyday!!!

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