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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Food

I just first want to say thank you girls so much for stopping by and posting it really has made my day. I know it sounds silly but just knowing people are reading along sure does help for sure. So if your a newbie and reading along feel free to post.

Wow what a day I have had so many new things and so many recommendations I cant believe they are all in one day. I have now discovered that I find fascination from finding items in the grocery store and not only that finding things that are either low in fat (all those sugary treats) or good for me. So today I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items and found well a few more to add to the buggy. All of these items Ill sum up on Friday but thought I would go ahead and post the items I found as well.

First Find: Hostess 100 calorie carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Ok I have been looking everywhere for these and could not find them anywhere and finally found them and even better they were on sale....SCORE! They were out of the chocolate ones or I would have added those to the buggy as well.

Second Find: Green Giant Vegetable medley. Im really not a very big fan of veggies but have been trying to find items to help me with this struggle and found these and they are wonderful. It has a little bit of a sauce so it doesnt taste so bland and I added a little bit of season salt and wow awesome. For the entire box (1.5 cups) its only 2 pts!!

Third Find: Ok so I know these have been around and well I have just been one of those Im not trying it because I didnt think I would like it. Well the string cheese has finally found a home here they are wonderful and for 2 pts it really does help to get filled up!

Recipe Discovery: So I love me some condensed milk, who doesnt but really dont want all that fat. so today I finally get the Eagle brand fat free version and thought how bad could this really be. Yeah well i honestly cant even tell a difference at all. So the recipe find....get one banana, pour 1 tbsp over the banana or put it on the side and dip it and you have not only a fruit but you have sweet...SCORE! Be warned though this stuff is delicious and can be quite addicting so Ill just warn you ahead of time. For a banana + 1 tbsp its only 2 pts as well so not bad at all. Of course I had to have 1.5 tbsp just because the stuff was so good..yum, yum!

So in other news, I havent been doing quite as well in exercise wise as I have been doing I dont know what my deal is. I have been getting in walks during lunch but other than that its been like a no show. I think Im coming down with some crud. My dear sweet hubby has came down with it pretty bad and I can just feel myself coming down with the crud. Then Im sure the TOM (time of the month) is approaching anyday now so my appetite (especially snacks) has been crazy. Oh and I also discovered that with my work I get a free gym membership and our boss took our entire office over today to show us around and pretty much a "you should get your butt over here" so well see if I make it, it is free, right so thats some motivation! The only thing is my work is not by our house so I would either have to go before work or right after work so maybe I can get my butt up early in the morning and do it sometime.

So thats my long summary of the day
Breakfast: Sonic 12 oz. Strawberry smoothie (7)

Lunch: Calypso Cafe Bean & Corn salad (1), 1/2 chicken sandwich with honey lime sauce (3), water (0)

Dinner: Chicken breast with New Orleans Cajun Marinade (4), green giant vegetable medley (2), 1 piece of white bread with FF butter spray(1)

Snacks: Fiber one Oats & chocolate bar (2), string cheese (2), cinnamon apple fruit crisps (1), banana (1) with 1.5 tbsp. FF condensed milk (2), hostess 100 calorie carrot cake (2)

Water: 67.6 oz.

Exercise: 35 minute walk

WW pts: 28 - 3 EX Pts = 25


Colette said...

Go to and you can print up a coupon for $1.00 off those hostess cakes. They are so yummy too. Good luck

CaRoLyN said...

I know what you mean about finding new products in the grocery store. It's so much fun! I swear I could spend 3 hours in the grocery store with my WW points finder!
Thanks for the great new finds. Let me know how the carrot cake Hostess 100 Cal packs are. I've only tried the chocolate but they are AMAZING!
Keep up the great work!
I know what you mean about the working the morning I am so pumped to do a workout and then by the time I get home from work, eat supper etc, I'm exhausted and all I want to do is relax! I guess I should start working out in the morning!

Amber said...

I totally forgot about the coupon I went there to get the coupon and I guess I didnt even think twice about it because Ive been so unsuccessful in finding them..haha! But now I know where to find them and now Ill remember to take the coupon!

Oh and I totally forgot to add that I did try them (you didnt really think I could find them and not try them, right?!) and they were delicious!

I just dont see me getting up any earlier than 6 am when I normally get up to go to work but well see. Especially now that its dark outside when I get up.

Cory said...

I personally enoy working out right after work. I use the time not only for my body, but to mentally decompress from the work day. This may or may not work for you, but I wanted to throw the idea out there for you.
Also, make your first committment just to GET THERE a few times a week. I find that if I just make myself actually go over to the gym, I'll do my workout whether I wanted to or not. It kinda makes me feel stupid just to walk over there and then leave after only a few minutes, and someone usually sees me there and talks me into going to a particular class with them whether I was planning to or not!

Good luck with the gym though, and thanks for sharing the food finds.

Katie said...

Thanks for the tip about the condensed milk! I had a bunch left over after needing just 1/4 cup to make a pie. I had no idea what to do with the rest of it. I would have never thought of a fruit dip...

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