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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Food

Not a horrible day but not the greatest day either. I think the sugar and carbs got me for sure. With exercise I didnt go over points too badly and still have flex pts for the week which I dont plan on using really.

I dont know what it is about the weekend and snacking but somehow it always gets me its like I have nothing better to do than snack...haha!

Tomorrow starts my first full day on my slim in 6 workout and I do plan on taking pictures to see if I notice any difference in 6 weeks, hopefully so! If you arent familiar with the program here is the link to the website with the entire program and more information if you are interested:,2,21
Breakfast: Del Monte Fruit Naturals Tropical Medley (2.4)

Lunch: Chicken Salad Sandwich (7.3), 100 calorie doritos (2.3)

Dinner: 3 Chicken & Cheese Taquitos (8.1), salsa & sour cream dip (1.2), Baked tostitos scoops (2.3)

Snacks: Fiber One Oats & chocolate (2.3), Carrots with Ranch dressing (1.7), Purity Mini Ice Cream Sandwich (2.3), Edy's Smoothie Strawberry-Banana bar (1.6)

Water: 24 oz.

Exercise: 30 minute walk

WW pts: 31.5 - 3 EX Pts = 28.5
Cals: 1540
Fat: 59
S. Fat: 16
Sodium: 2665
Carbs: 211
Fiber: 28
Sugar: 81
Protein: 50


CaRoLyN said...

Hey Amber
Do you normally use your entire 35 flex points? I usually do and don't find a huge difference if I don't but just wanted to get another perspective. I must be doing something wrong because I feel like I've hit a plateau lately and just can't reach those 150s! Any ideas or tips? It's hard during the winter months because there isn't much to do outside! I can't wait for Spring, there are some great trails around here in New Brunswick!
Great work keeping up the blog! I really it everyday!


Amber said...

Sometimes I will use all the flex pts and sometimes I dont, just depends on what is planned for the weekend I normally dont ever go over during the week but weekends are my hardspots for sure.

A few tips when I had gained was change up your diet, what Ive tried to do is one day eat more pts than another day, add more exercise, give yourself breaks from exercise and look at sugar and sodium content and hopefully that will help out some:) Good luck I know you can get it off!

Its really been great weather here it was in the 70's Im loving it!

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