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Friday, March 23, 2007

Randomn Stuff

Just thought I would answer a few questions...Stress has been a major, major thing lately with me due to some major changes in this thing called life but I mean who doesnt get stressed out at some point in happens and as much as we can try to say we dont get stressed often it happens! When I get super duper stressed I just wont eat I dont know what it is I used to be just the opposite but now I think sometimes I can make myself so stick to my stomach that food just isnt what I want. Before and why I probably had gained some weight is I would seriously sit in front of the TV and just eat until well I almost made myself sick. Now I get up, go for a walk until I feel better its such a greater stress reliever and it really does help. If you dont want to go for a walk do some sort of exercise it has helped me not be the same sit in front of the TV and snack, snack because what do you really get out of that except to just feel worst more than likely? Do something good for yourself!!

For the Blog for now I plan on staying put I probably wont move just simply because I really don’t want to go about setting up everything again but don’t worry if I do change my mind I will be sure to post it here.

Here is also a very interesting article that was emailed to me this morning from yep!
How to Identify Weight Loss Scams

If you have any other secrets that you want to share on stress please feel free I would love to hear what you do for stress!

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