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Monday, March 26, 2007

Scale Victory!

I just had to say my small little victory. I didnt do too bad this weekend a little over pts but not too bad. I seem to do better when I eat about 6-8 pts over and anyway this morning I weighed myself (always weigh on Monday to see how bad it ) and was at 179.2 which finally brings me into the 170's...yeah!
So my weekend totals were:
Calories: 1526
WW Pts: 32
Calories: 1788
WW Pts: 38
Grand total of 1 hr and 45 minutes of working out too...yeah!! For some odd reason my body is losing more eating more, how odd is that. Ive had more success eating more food then eating less. I still have to fluctuate eating maybe 2 days a little more, 1 day less, etc. but it seems to be working pretty well!


Critter said...

WTG on the 170's!!!! That is great!!!

CaRoLyN said...

I remember when I hit the 170s that was HUGE for me!! I was so excited! I am just on the brink of the 150s and I can't wait to get there (another 2 lbs to go!) I haven't seen the 50s since I was in middle school!
Great job Amber!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Christina said...

thanks for your comment Amber, I love your blog I will add it to my list :) Amazing WI, you go girl :)

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