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Monday, March 12, 2007


Well I weighed myself this morning and had gained 4.5 lbs Im just a little bummed because honestly I dont think I did that bad I splurged a few times but not very much but I ate at all kind of funky hours, never ate breakfast but honestly didnt think it would affect me that much but guess being on a schedule really does matter and eating breakfast does help. I just cant believe I gained that much. I tried to get in exercise to offset the little splurges. I walked a good 6-7 miles, swam laps in the pool. What killed me the most is there was no planning because I didnt know where we are going until we got there and Im a huge, huge planner and its helped me out so much. Then I was at the mercy will of stadium food which we all know who knows how many calories and fat is in that stuff. I think my biggest thing that Ive strived to do each and every day is never to eat after 7:30, max 8:00 and I pretty much ate almost every night that late or later which thats what happens sometimes when you are away.

I know today is a new day and I just have to keep my mind focused on the future and not what I gained today (because Ill seriously beat myself blue in the face with it)

TODAY is a new day, TODAY is a new day..must repeat over and over so I wont get myself down over it. I will weigh myself each and every day until Friday just to see that number go down.

In other news this weekend when I went to the outlet mall I scored a great deal and got two new workout tops for $20 from Adidas so Im planning on using those for sure!

Also, before our trip I took out quite a few pair of shorts I havent been able to wear in a long, long time and they actually fit I couldnt believe it! Then I had bought a really cute pair of shorts last summer and told myself I would fit into them well I finally did it and can now fit into them!


Fatinah said...

A gain is never easy to deal with - but I think you're on the right track - today is a new day. You can only change what you're doing today. Yesterday is gone. Done. Over. Have a good, healthy choice day!

CaRoLyN said...

Hey Amber

Don't beat yourself up over it, Did you have a good time with your hubby?
I ALWAYS find that weight that comes on really quickly, comes off pretty quickly don't get down, those 4.5 lbs will come off in no time at all!! Plus sometimes it's nice to just splurge and treat yourself!
Today is a new day and once you get through 1 or 2 days, you'll feel totally in control again!
You are doing GREAT!!


Amber said...

Thanks girls for your motivation, yall really know how to boost ones motivation:)

I think with eating out and regardless of how good I ate restaurants are filled with sodium in their food and yeah I drank one too many glasses of sweet tea the two things that Ive been trying to avoid..sugar and sodium so well see what the scales say this week, hopefully I can get it off by Friday!

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