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Friday, March 23, 2007

Food Recommendations for the week!

This week was more eating out than ever so I have a ton of recommendations from restaurants
Sonic Peach Iced Tea
WW Pts: 0
If you are wanting a good drink from Sonic get this, has a fabulous flavor and only 5 calories..SCORE! If anyone hasn’t figured out my love for sweet tea then yep I have a huge one. This has just the right blend of sweetness a little extra flavor and well for 5 calories how can you really beat it?!
Chili's Seasonal Steamed Veggies with Parmesan Cheese
WW Pts: 1
This was absolutely amazing flavor. It was steamed and then had just a hint of parmesan cheese on it, delicious!
Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists
WW Pts: 3
I love some cinnamon twists but honestly thought they were fried with lots of grease and would have way too many pts but nope I was pleasantly surprised!
Nabisco Strawberry Newtons Minis
WW Pts: 3
These are packed with delicious flavor and are baked with 100% whole grain. These are a perfect little snack to get a little good stuff + a little sweet tooth as well. They also have the fig ones as well in the mini packs.
Chili's Mexican Rice
WW Pts: 3 or 4 pts
This had a really good flavor and Im usually not a big fan of rice but this had a few veggies mixed in and cooked in some type of broth maybe but anyway very good.
Taco Bell Spicy Chicken Soft Taco
WW Pts: 4
I never really thought I could eat at Taco Bell for only 7 pts and get both a taco and a side item but I have discovered it. This soft taco is delicious and if you are a fan of spicy then yep this is it! Try the cinnamon twists with it for only 3 pts and you have a complete meal for only 7 pts.
Chili's Firecracker Tilapia
WW Pts: 6
For the entire thing it was 6 pts but I cut it in half and had two servings of it. This was cooked on a plank and really awesome flavor. It had lime on the side and was delicious to be squeezed on top..yum!!
Healthy Choice Blackened Chicken
This was the nastiest dinner I think Ive ever had, don’t buy it. I really hated Healthy Choice dinners and haven’t bought one in ages but thought hey maybe they have gotten better but this has just solidified that obviously not. It seriously tasted like rubber..nasty! I think this has told me to stay away from Healthy Choice dinners, never was a fan of them and never will be.

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