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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Saturday Food

Today was a pretty successful day for sure. I did go over points a little but not too bad at all thats what flex points are for right?! I feel like I made pretty good choices even stuck to my half portions when going out and honestly this is probably the lowest points I have EVER had on a Saturday as thats usually my "I can eat a lot more points and not feel too guilty day" I give myself a big thumbs up for only 6 pts over for a Saturday.

I didnt get in any exercise today but honestly dont feel one bit guilty as Ive gotten in exercise every single other day this week so really needed a break.

Funny story though as Ive seen all these reviews for these Fiber One Oats & Chocolate bars Ive been looking everywhere for them and couldnt find them to save my life. Well I finally found them tonight and of course had to try them and boy they sure didnt let me down, they are devine!! If you find them be careful as they really are delicious and have a TON of fiber in them as well. Now that I know where to find them (Publix!) Ill definitely be buying these as soon as they run out. They even have another flavor as well in Peanut Butter so those will be the next hit list item.

I also decided to use pts with one decimal place so not sure how much of a difference that will work out too but figured its a bit more accurate as well.

This weekend will be my big splurge as me and Chad are heading to Atlanta and I know there will be lots of good food so I need to be really good this week and save all my points for that, cant wait!

Breakfast: Frosted Flakes (3.6), 1% milk (2.5)

Lunch: 1 3/4Tilapia filet (3.7)

Dinner: PF Changs Brown Rice (2.7), 1/2 Ginger Chicken & Brocolli (7.7), 1 Peking Dumpling (2.4), sweet tea (3.7)

Snacks: Fiber One Oats & chocolate (2.3), Keebler fudge stripes (2.1)

Water: 16 oz.

Exercise: none, needed a day off as Ive worked out every day this week

WW pts: 30.7
Cals: 1467
Fat: 30
S. Fat: 10
Sodium: 1187
Carbs: 206
Fiber: 12
Sugar: 94
Protein: 88

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CaRoLyN said...

Wow Amber!

Great job on the points yesterday! You did fantastic! I have the same mentality as you, Saturdays are days for flex points and splurging!! I am away from home today and yesterday and for some reason, I always feel like if I am not home, I'm not accountable! It's like your on vacation or something! But I'm trying my best to stick with it and I saved all my flex points as I knew I was going away.
I have also been looking everywhere for the Fiber one Bars but a friend of mine and I are heading to Maine (about an hour from where we live) to try and find some WW products so I'm sure they will have them down there. I've heard that the massive amount of fiber can be tricky if you eat too many!

Hope you are having a great weekend! Thanks for keeping up your blog becasue it is really helping me out!!


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