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Monday, March 5, 2007

Monday Food

Well I did try to create a little table for my food but after much aggravation I kind of gave up on it because obviously blogger doesnt allow you to do or something, maybe when I have more time Ill play with it more but this works for now.

Another great day with exercise, got in 1 hr and 15 minutes of exercise and burned a grand total of 416 calories..ahh loving it!

Ill go ahead and say one recommendation, one dont touch it for the week.

Good: Fiber One Oats & Peanut Butter like the chocolate one wasnt good enough for me I had to go back and try the peanut butter one actually I went for something else and of course couldnt resist to see how good these were. Im not sure which one I like more, they both are amazingly good just depends on if you are on a chocolate fix or not.

Bad: Kashi GoLean Peanut Butter & Chocolate bar. This was just disgusting, dont try it, nasty..yuck..yuck! I think I kept eating it thinking it would get better and finally quit at 3/4 of the bar and thought to myself why did I eat this much so dont buy it, its nasty!!! You would think with the combo of chocolate & peanut butter anything would be good, actually this is the first thing Ive ever come across that wasnt good so yeah for my first try at Kashi not a good sign.

Ive also decided not to post all my calories and such but still keep up with it all in which Im still loving the site, its great and I love all the reports and how you can keep up with your food day by day!!
Breakfast: Kashi GoLean Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bar (4)

Lunch: PF Changs Ginger Chicken & Brocolli (8), Brown Rice (2)

Dinner: Chicken Salad (5), 2 pieces of white bread (2)

Snacks: Quaker Peanut Butter Granola Bites (2), Cantaloupe (0), Fiber one Oats & Peanut butter bar (3)

Water: 75.6 oz.

Exercise: 50 minute walk, 25 minute slim in 6 DVD

WW pts: 26 - 4 EX Pts = 22

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CaRoLyN said...

I know what you mean about the table. My Hubby tried and tried but there is no way around it. Which is really too bad because it would make posting daily journals a lot easier.
So I am taking your advice and trying to add some more exercise. I've been recruited by a fellow co-worker to start walking for 30 min on lunch hours once the weather gets a little warmer (today it is
-12 degrees Celsius) Brrr.
I am also going to change up my breakfast a little. try to cut back a little. 2 cups of All Bran EVERYDAY is a little much plus it's sooo much fiber.
Too bad about the Cadbury Thins, they are so great! They should be arriving soon down there I would think!

Keep up the great work!
(Keep your fingers crossed that I will find the Fiber one Bars in Calais this weekend because I am dying to try them!!)

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