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Friday, March 16, 2007

Food Recommendations

Balsamic Dressing (3 tbsp)
WW Pts: 1
My new dressing of the week! I love this stuff and for 3 tbsp at our local cafeteria it was only 1 point and it had amazing flavor too!
Oscar Meyer Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (6 slices)
WW Pts: 1
For 6 slices of this for only 1 point how can you really beat it? My new invention this week with it was put some fat free butter spray heat it in a skillet and you get crispy turkey which its not quite the same as bacon but hey it isn’t near the calories and heart attack either.
Calypso Cafe Bean & Corn Salad
WW Pts: 1
So the other day I went to a new restaurant called Calypso CafĂ© which I found out is really good but of course it’s a local place. So I went to order my side items and couldn’t find anything else I wanted and my boss told me try this its wonderful. I was a bit skeptical because honestly I don’t like things like this but tried it on her recommendation and boy I was amazed it was low in fat, good for you and actually had an amazing flavor. So me being the one that likes to cook new things had to go find a recipe so if your not in Nashville try out this recipe and see what you think:
A.1. New Orleans Cajun Marinade (1.5 tbsp.)
WW Pts: 1
Me being the girl that was raised practically in New Orleans because most of my family lived there I am always trying to find items that match my kick of spice well this one hit it all and more. If your up for a little more spice and kick and a great flavor this was awesome! It was a bit spicier than I thought but still a great flavor nonetheless
Eagle Brand Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk (1 tbsp)
WW Pts: 1
If anyone didn’t know this before Im a big “I hate fat free products” I have had too many bad instances of them (mainly dressings). So at first I said nah Im not going to try anything fat free but then I said sweetened condensed milk is so good and so sugary sweet to begin with how could it really be that bad so yeah I was right on the money it wasn’t bad and honestly not much of a difference so try it you wont be let down!
Feta Cheese (.2 cup)
WW Pts: 2
My other new love of the week is Feta cheese. I had only had it one time other than yesterday and wow its amazing and lower in fat, calories and all than regular cheddar cheese. Its so strong that you don’t need as much either. Now I just need to buy some at the store
100 calorie Baked Cheetos Mini Bites
WW Pts: 2
Who doesn’t love Cheetos but who really wants to deal with all that fat and calories? Well these then are the right hit for you too they give you a really good flavor and you get Cheetos.
Green Giant Seasoned Baby Vegetable Medley (1.5 cup)
WW Pts: 2
For the entire package it was only 2 pts, has a great flavor with a great hint of sauce. Add a little spice if you care to and you have one low fat good side with veggies!
String Cheese Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese
WW Pts: 2
Like I said in the earlier part of this week I was skeptical to try this but finally did and it scored big. I only got two thinking I don’t want to get too many just in case I don’t like it but now Ill have to go back to the store to get more..haha!
Hostess 100 calorie pack Carrot cake with Cream Cheese Icing
WW Pts: 2
If you haven’t gotten out to get these, go get some (that is if you can find them..haha!) but these are AMAZING! I cant wait to get my hands on the chocolate ones next but they didn’t have them. Oh and don’t forget your coupon from Hostess for them on their website for $1.00 OFF!!
TGIFridays Shrimp Key West
WW Pts: 5
This was one of their new smaller portions that Ive been wanting to try for some time, found a review on Women’s Health magazine on it and it scored big. They (Womens Health Magazine) stated to get a little lime on the side and squeeze some additional flavor all calorie free onto it and did just that and wow it was delicious! I love TGIFridays so this scored big in my mind for next time!
Lean Cuisine Vegetable Eggroll
WW Pts: 6
This had a wonderful flavor and Im all about some Chinese especially any that’s not too bad for you and is good that’s even better! It has a sauce that has ginger in it which is amazingly good!

TGIFridays French Onion Soup
Im not even going to put the points because this was just NASTY! IM a huge, huge fan of French Onion Soup and about gagged at this, just nasty don’t try it!!
Now after typing all that I didn’t realize I had tried so many items but like having all of them all in one place so in a few months I can look back on this list and see what I thought about it and hopefully it helps someone else out with getting some new items.

This weekend we are planning on hitting up Costco and the Farmers Market (fresh fruit and veggies) so hopefully Ill have a successful trip and maybe even get something new!

Weigh in report up next!

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