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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

100 things about me

Ok so since Ive seen this on a few other blogs, thought I would finally take the time to do it.

1. I had to get my license a month before I turned 16, since my mom was about to have my little brother Austin (now 10) and me and my brother could have a ride to school, hey I wasn’t complaining I got my license early
2. I had everything you could possibly own New Kids on the block when I was little, I adored them.
3. No one could pronounce my last name and it was funny to see exactly how people would prounce it, but now my last name is much easier to pronounce.
4. I got whiplash twice in my life, once at the fair, another in a car wreck.
5. I totaled my car 1 month before I started college and had to wear a neck brace for two weeks, so that left me with two weeks to get a new vehicle. I ended up with a Ford Explorer.
6. When I totaled my car, I was talking to a good friend and she heard the whole thing and thought I was dead, her and several other friends tried to call and I was outside trying to figure out how bad my car was.
7. The guy that hit me was drunk, had no license and was in a stolen car. Little to say due to the wreck he went to jail.
8. My grandmother died in 1995 and I never thought life would ever be the same without her. It took almost a year just to be able to talk about it. She always told me that she would never see the day I got married and gave me an early present when I met “the one"
9. I was the crazy nut who graduated and got married in two weeks. Little to say I was about to lose my mind by the time the wedding came, I thought finals did it to me.
10. I got 3 tickets in 3 weeks when I was 16. My mom never found out about them until she wanted to switch insurance companies and they said your daughter has 3 tickets...good way to find out
11. Our first little puppy Kibbles was hit by a cop car and never stopped. Till this day it still irks me that the guy never even stopped.
12. I did not have my first kiss until I was 16.
13. I went to 3 different schools 9-12.
14. In 11th grade, I had three girls that were very jealous all due to a guy that liked me but didn’t like them. It got so vicious that they keyed my car, called and threatened me. I was scared for my life and ended up changing schools my senior year.
15. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
16. When I first went to college I was in Interior Design and when I never got any sleep I then decided it wasn’t for me. Even though I had just talked one of my good friends into it, then I left, what a nice friend I am.
17. In high school I was very allergic to smoke, now just a little. It got so bad one time when one of my friends lit a cigarette that I thought I was going to have to be rushed to the hospital because I started hyperventilating and couldn’t breathe. So little to say I’ve never tried a cigarette after that because I was afraid I might die
18. In high school I was usually the designated driver, but then came to college and drank a bit more because we could just walk home. Now if I don’t drink at all.
19. After my freshman year in college I had a 1.0 GPA, on academic probation because of my partying and never studying.
20. My freshman roommate, Haley was the best roommate we had the best time. We would stay up until 3 or 4 in the mornings or go out and then have class at 8 am, how I ever did that I don’t know? We always had our afternoon naps where everyone knew to leave us alone, sometimes we would actually sleep other times we would pretend and just talk girly time.
21. My friend Becca hated her roommate my freshman year so she pretty much lived with me and Haley and she would come and steal our food and we would wonder where it went until one day we figured it out.
22. I had never been to the MSU campus before I signed papers to have a dorm here. Haley and Christen convinced me too, and I said hey if they like it here I can too. I didn’t see MSU until months later and hoped and prayed I liked it, because there was nothing I could do about it
23. I sucked my thumb until I was 7, my parents tried tobassco sauce and that ended up the trick because I couldn’t handle my mouth burning so badly.
24. I slept in my parent’s room until I was 12 yrs old because I was too afraid the boogie man was going to come get me
25. When my mom first had my little brother she used to wake me up in the middle of the night to take care of him because I was the only one he would go to sleep for. Even if I had to be up for school the next day, little to say I got little sleep some nights and it was then I said no sex until I’m ready for a baby or until I get married....
26. I hate spiders with a passion and will scream bloody murder if I see one.
27. If it wouldn’t have been for MSU paying for graduate school I would have never even started because I was so sick of school when I graduated in May that I told myself I was through, but guess I only was kidding myself.
28. I hate popcorn and will not eat it.
29. What comes around goes around has remained very true due to the person that did our wedding flowers screwed them up; she went out of business months later. Then the people that screwed us over in our house hunt went out of business months later.
30. I never stepped foot into a church until I was in 6th grade because my mom was Baptist, my dad was Catholic and neither was going to go to the others religion.
31. My 6th grade bible study teacher was Miss Mississippi and I thought it was so cool because I thought she was a super star.
32. I won a beauty pageant when I was 16 against around 200 girls and I loved every minute of it, and thought I was queen. The next year when I had to crown the new person was even more rewarding. People came up to me for my autograph and I didn’t think I would ever hear the words will you give me your autograph
33. My senior year when I switched schools, they had a guy that was the captain of every team it seemed like, mister stud muffin...blah blah the list went on and on. Well the first day I went there, he found out my number and we talked for about a week. I made the mistake of going over to his house after school and the next day he went around school telling everyone how we had slept together. I was devastated but then everyone came to believe me because he had done the same thing to another girl the year before.
34. Everyone called me "rich girl" or "Miss Lexus" in school especially my senior more than ever since I owned a Lexus ES 300.
35. I got to see my grandmother go through a very abusive relationship where my step grandfather killed himself after molesting my aunt who is mentally handicapped, and blind. I told myself I would never be in an abusive relationship after seeing what my grandmother went through with him.
36. Christmas is my favorite holiday hands down.
37. IM terrified of child labor, maybe Ill get over it one day.
38. I failed 8th grade English and had to take a summer class so it didn’t push me back.
39. I graduate with honors in high school
40. My best friend moved to Texas when I was in 2nd grade and I didn’t think I could ever make another friend like her.
41. I had a psycho roommate my sophomore year who locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out unless she left. We were in Interior Design together and both from Jackson and never realized she was this way. She was very jealous of Chad (husband) and pretty much would say he’s not allowed over here. I told her over my dead body he’s not. To say the least we didn’t get along at all.
42. My dads mom, who died in 1995 that I loved was the best cook, and wish I would have listened to her more when she gave me teaching tricks about cooking.
43. Every summer when I was 9-15 yrs old I would stay the whole summer with my grandparents in New Orleans.
44. I went to two proms my senior year, one the guy I was dating then, and the other mine.
45. My moms due date was Valentine's Day but I was born a few days early on Feb. 11
46. I had a close to death accident July 4th 1999. A boat ran over my head and my mom kicked it out and the engine came inches from my head. If my mom wouldn’t have been on the deck I probably wouldn’t be here today.
47. When I got my permit, we were stuck in traffic and an 18 wheeler hit my side (I wasn’t driving, my mom was) and I wouldn’t drive for months after that. To this day I’m terrified of 18 wheelers.
48. After my freshman grades got posted and mom and dad got them (not smart enough then to send them to my PO Box) I almost got my explorer taken away and sent home. They finally came to their senses and let me stay.
49. The night before our wedding we had to go decorate the church hall at 1 am and we ended up not leaving until 3 am, we had a blast and Carie (BM) and Matt (usher) played like they were getting married and even though we were all delirious (whole bridal party was there to help out!) we had so much fun.
50. I am right handed, but when I was in school I always tried to write with my left hand because I thought it would be cool to write with my left hand.
51. At our wedding we got a 50 lb bag of birdseed topped on top of us and to this day I think there are still some seeds in our car.
52. The day after our wedding we left on our honeymoon from Birmingham, Ala. And had to take special time to go and get our car hand washed and detailed on a Sunday because our wedding party trashed our car.
53. Our wedding present to each other was the new Altima which we have now sold.
54.I had a dog that looked like Lassie, but her name was Mercy and a garbage man ran over her
55. I went to the Bahamas in 1995 after my grandmother passed away with my family and the best part about it was the cruise, the Bahamas sucked...dont ever go there!
56. In 1996, my parents did an MLM company and were the people that gave all the presentations for people. I thought I was cool because I got to help them out and give presentations. Little did I know how bad presentations really suck after having to give so many in college.
57. I was testing driving a car when I got my license. One of my good friends her dad was a state highway patrolman and I went over to show her my test drive car and he asked me if I was ready for my license. I said sure, we drove around one little cul-de-sac and he said ok come see me tomorrow and Ill give you your license...easiest test!
58. I was a cheerleader in 6th grade
59. I played the flute when I was in junior high, but moved schools and left it and never went back to get it. I doubt I could play it now.
60. I got front row tickets to Reba McIntyre concert when I was in 9th grade and got to take a good friend and we thought we were so cool.
61. I waited till 3:30 am after a Faith Hill concert to meet Faith Hill with a friend and I would do it again in a heart beat.
62. I’m not the biggest fan of County or Rap but everything in between is OK. I live in Music City (Country Music all over) and still after 2 years have still not figured out how to like it even though at one time I loved it.
63. My nails grow faster then I can seem to clip them. People always think I have fake nails but they are actually real.
64. I love to paint my toenails in the summer with sandals but in the winter they are never painted.
65. I love finding new products in a store and then for them to actually be good is even better!
66. I love going to the bookstore to read magazines, especially now health magazines
67. I hate coffee unless its Starbucks caramel macchiato.
68. I always grow my hair out in the winter, then cut it all off in the summer. Every year it happens
69. I hate mayonnaise, tomatoes, and mushrooms.
70. I only drink water and sweet tea.
71. I used to drink all kinds of carbonated beverages but in high school I cut them totally off and now if I drink a sip my stomach kills me so I wont drink them.
72. Im not a big jewelry fan, the only jewelry I wear are my wedding ring and watch. If it’s a big occasion I may put on some earrings.
73. I hate going to bed mad, and try to avoid it at all costs.
74. The only thing I enjoy reading is magazines that I have an interest in. I hate books.
75. My husband, Chad and me have been together 7 years last month and will be married 4 years in May.
76. I love traveling and am always looking to where we can go next.
77. I lived in a small town in MS when I was in college, got a job right out of college and knew I couldn’t handle the small town life. Im a big city girl.
78. I love cooking and look through recipes all the time on what I will try next. I love finding recipes that are good for you, and don’t taste like it!
79. Im a Southern girl born and raised and always will be. If I cant have my sweet tea its too far for me.
80. When Chad got a job in TN I actually told him that if they didn’t have sweet tea he couldn’t take the job. I was kidding or wait maybe I wasn’t...haha!
81. Snow, cold, ice just doesn’t go well with me give me the 90 degree summers and Ill do much better. That’s probably why I cant go north.
82. My favorite TV shoes are 24, My Name is Earl, Office, and Jericho. These are a must in our household on a weekly basis.
83. I hate cats and wouldn’t have them. Im a dog lover through and through.
84. I love to get my hair highlighted but why does it have to be so expensive?!
85. I love my job and love the fact that I can wear jeans everyday instead of dressing up.
86. I have a Myspace account but I really don’t like the site so I rarely go there. The only reason I signed up for it is to see if I could find people I hadn’t seen in a while.
87. I’m anxious to be a mother.
88. I want to lose more weight before getting pregnant. I know this sounds silly since I will just gain some back but that means that it’s that much more that I don’t have to lose again.
89. I loved my wedding dress and felt like such a princess for the day.
90. My husband loves me regardless of my size.
91. My middle name is Michelle.
92. I have one of my good friends who is named Amber as well and anytime we are together we get called by our middle names. Mine Michelle, hers Marie.
93. I don’t really talking on the phone, I would much rather prefer email.
94. I would love to be a runner and my ultimate goal would be to run even a 5K just to prove to myself that I can do it.
95. I could wear flip flops all year long if it was warm enough.
96. I am the oldest of 3. Some people think me and my youngest brother came from different parents since we are 16 years apart but nope we are from the same family.
97. I have to check and re-check my alarm clock before going to bed because I’m always afraid that I didn’t do it even though I know I did.
98. I wont buy things that aren’t on sale unless I have to have it that day. Im a sale shopper and love to find deals!
99. Always told myself in high school that I refused to live in MS and well I finally got out of there but it took until 2005 to do it.
100. I love seeing comments on my blog, makes me think I’m not just talking to myself

Wow Ok that was tough and its taken me quite some time but that was fun!


Fatinah said...

thanks for sharing!

Fatinah said...

Hi, it's me again! In Canada, 13 degrees in early March is great weather - no jacket required. That's around 55 1/2 degrees in the States. ;-) So, no Saint here for going outside to do hills - totally selfish on my end!

CaRoLyN said...

Great List! I just posetd mine was so hard it took me 3 days to complete it!!

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