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Friday, April 6, 2007

Food Recommendations

Alright so I totally slacked out last week and didnt do this so here is two weeks worth.
Italian Herb Flat out Wrap
WW Pts: 1
These are absolutely amazing and are huge! I loved these with chicken salad or pretty much anything you could think of sandwich wise. I liked to put mine in the toaster get it a little crispy and fabulous!
Bruegger's Light Herb Garlic Cream Cheese (1 tbsp.)
WW Pts: 1
I had this cream cheese at a work meeting and it was amazing. For 1 tbsp which should cover about ½ a bagel its only 1 point. Its very rich and doesn’t taste anything but fat stuff but its light.
LeSeur Very Young Small Early Peas (1 cup)
WW Pts: 1
This is one of my favorite veggies that I can handle. These peas are really good and small. I usually cook them in a little parkay FF butter spray with some emeril’s seasoning and for the entire small little can (not the regular size you know the 1 or 2 person serving can?) its only 1 point. These are pretty much the only peas I will eat.
Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes Caramel Corn (10 cakes)
WW Pts: 2
These are absolutely delicious, have a great flavor and for 10 cakes and only 2 points can you really find much else? These are so addictive though so be sure to put some on a plate and not to just grab out of a bag because that would get dangerous..haha!
Wheat Pasta (4-5 oz)
WW Pts: 2-3
I was very, very skeptical to try this but finally a friend convinced me to try it at Old Spaghetti Factory when we went and I was amazed that it was good. I guess I always thought it would be gross. Now to convince Chad to try it is a different story..haha!
Chick-Fil-A Icedream Cone
WW Pts: 4
I have this major fascination with Chick-Fil-A I love their stuff and I love how they have such healthy options but lets be real what desserts do you go there if you want one. Well their ice cream is out of this world delicious and for 4 pts I can put this in my mouth but their brownie and shakes Ill pass on because its not worth that many pts and calories.

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