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Monday, April 9, 2007


So the past week-1.5 weeks Ive really been struggling to keep in tune, not get off board and just been in an overall funk. Im not sure what my deal is but Ive got to get out of it Im better than this:)

The weather has been so cold and its not helping. I love our walks and well our walks have been cut down/out and yeah I should have done something else but it bummed me out so I just didnt do much of anything. I love summer, hot and being outside so now that the weather is starting to warm back up maybe that will help..

We have been eating out so much and thats not helping much either. Im going to try to cook in some this week. Next week we are going to be at the mercy will of my parents because we will be down there for a week. The next week we will be packing/moving so we wont have any pots/pans because they will be packed up.

Today has been much better so I may just post all that tomorrow;)

I have kept up with my food and will just post the summary part of it:

cals: 2400
fat: 103
Sodium: 4539
WW Pts: 52

cals: 1814
fat: 49
Sodium: 3197
WW Pts: 36

cals: 2737
fat: 83
Sodium: 7143
WW Pts: 58

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!


duenneschen said...

I totally know what your going through lady!!

We'll get through this, you've been doing an amazing job and you'll get through this!!

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

You're doing great!! Just keep on doing the right thing, and it'll all work out in the end :)


Cory said...

I understand! I've been there as well. But we'll make it. As soon as the weather clears up anyway!

CaRoLyN said...

It's so hard to get through when you are out of your element. Just try to take it one meal at a time and try to make healthy choices! Good luck and I hope you had a happy easter!!!

Chris said...

stay strong and hang in there, it is tough but I am positive you have it in you to kick some butt and get in gear, happt belated easter :)

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