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Friday, October 26, 2007

Weigh in

Well sorry Ive been such a slacker at getting here its just so tough with everything going on with school and being a teacher, some weeks are good, some are just horrible to do anything other than school.

I do have good news for the week though....I LOST 1.9 lbs..woo hoo! That brings my total to 39 lbs lost and 23.5 lbs to go to get to my goal weight of 145 so not too much longer just need to get back on that losing track for sure hopefully this is a good start in the right direction! That puts me at 168.5 so well into the 160's! My goal is to be at 159.9 by Christmas which is losing 8.6 lbs in 8 weeks so a little over 1 lb per week.

I will post a new picture when I get to 40 lbs, so close!

1 comment:

CaRoLyN said...

Wow! Congrats on the great loss! that is amazing!

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