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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I dont know what I was thinking today, call it celebration that today is over, grades are in and I get a few days off. Why I did it I still cant quite explain but oh well its over, done with. For the buffet tonight I stuck with one plate, very small portions to give a taste of things but not overdo it with calories (even though Im sure it wasnt light). Ill report back tomorrow and hopefully Ill be able to say Im officially in the 160's

Breakfast: oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: 3 fried chicken strips, fries, sauce, lemonade
Dinner: sicily's buffet-lasagna, cabbage, green bean casserole, penne with one meatball, macaroni & cheese, apple dessert pizza (all very small portions), 1 glass of sweet tea with lemon
Snack: none
Exercise: 45 situps
Water: 33.8 oz.


Randi said...

Oh well, it's over. good job on one plate. good luck at WI!

Kathryn said...

Good luck at weigh-in! I agree one plate is good. When it comes to buffets, I do not have very good control. The other day we went to a Chinese buffet,, I did better than usual, but I could have done better.

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