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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tomorrow, tomorrow....

Yes thats the name of my song for tonight...tomorrow starts fall break for us teachers and I cant wait! Ill finally have a chance to catch up with everyone and have free time..woo hoo! My 9 weeks exam is finally over with and Im so glad, input all the grades, did my exercise for tonight and Im about ready to go to bed, well almost.

So since I wasnt around yesterday Im going to go back and try to put down as much as possible (my memory hasnt been so good this week with all my 9 weeks exams Ive been giving)
Breakfast: oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: chicken spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread, lemonade
Dinner: Lenny's 1/2 chicken philly on wheat bread, baked cheddar & sour cream chips, 1/2 oatmeal raisin cookie, water
Snack: 9 mini rice cinnamon sugar cakes, simply lemonade
Exercise: none
Water: 33.8 oz.

Breakfast: oats & chocolate bar, water
Lunch: philly steak sandwich (no cheese), fries with BBQ sauce, water
Dinner: Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken sandwich, small fry, small ice dream cone, water
Snack: none (I didnt have time to snack with grading tests..haha!)
Water: 67.6
Exercise: 1 hr walk

Hope you girls are all doing well, Ill check in tomorrow with everyone.


CaRoLyN said...

YAY! Break time! Sounds like you deserve it!

Good for you for getting in some exercise at such a hectic time!

Don't forget to e-mail me your Week #3 results for the Christmas Challenge!

Cory said...

Have a great Fall Break!

noelle said...

enjoy your break! you have been working so hard, take a sec for just you!

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