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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well today was ehh not all that grand either Im not sure what my deal is I need to get out of this funk.
Breakfast: fiber oats & chocolate, water
Lunch: 1/2 PF Changs sweet & sour chicken, brown rice, sweet & sour sauce (1 oz.), water
Dinner: Raising Cane's 3 fried chicken fingers, small fry, sauce, lemonade, bread
Snack: none
Exercise: none

Calories: 1728
Fat: 66 g
Fiber: 15
WW Pts: 39.3

Just writing those numbers down sound horrifying, thats 14.3 pts over what Im supposed to have so I really need to cut down big time and get a hold of myself


CaRoLyN said...

Hope your week gets a little better. Maybe you should be writing down your meal plan in the mroning and then you can prevent yourself from going over?? Just a thought! Hope WI this morning went well!

C.P. said...

Do you mind if I ask, how did you figure points for the canes strips? What about Cane's sauce. Thank you very much and congrats on the weight loss!!!!

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