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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boot Camp day 1

Well today was day 1 of boot camp and wow was it more than I ever thought. I have never sweated and felt like I was going to literally die. It was 45 minutes of boot camp + 15 minute warmup/cooldown = 1 hr. We worked parts of my body I never knew existed either. This is a military guy who knows what he is doing. Today was a red day which was supposedly easy (maybe for him), Thursday is blue day, and then Tuesday is black day (supposedly the toughest of all). Each 3 of these days are different workouts. If I can just keep this up and tough it out wow I may lose this weight! Its tough but what part of losing weight is easy?? He reminds me of those trainers on Biggest Loser (if you try to quit..give me more), its just what I needed honestly.

Then like I havent had enough I went to run for 15 minutes because on Thursday we start running and yeah Im not in running shape. I havent ever ran more than a few steps or so.

Food for today (Tuesday-Sept. 15)
Breakfast: blueberry muffin, water
Lunch: chicken salad sandwich with rosemary olive oil bread, TGIFriday chips, 1/2 slice homemade pizza (student made it..I couldnt resisit), 1 slice of pound cake (again student made), water
dinner: chicken pot pie with biscuits, water
Water: 96 oz (do you know how long its been since I had that much water..Im so proud of myself I must admit!)
Exercise: 45 min boot camp + 15 min warmup/cooldown, 15 min run/walk (1 hr 15 min total)

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