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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuesday Food

Well yesterday I had tracked on paper but we had a major outage in our area so cable and internet (the joys of having them together) were down so Ill skip posting yesterday and post today's instead...

Breakfast: fiber one oats & chocolate, lemonade (8oz)
Lunch: vegetable soup (8 oz.), green beans, garlic bread, water
Dinner: burger (90/10 meat, BBQ sauce, relish, 2% pepperjack cheese), baked sour cream & lays chips (10 chips), water
Snack: banana
Water: 33.8 oz.
Exercise: none

Calories: 1221
Fat: 33
Carb: 201
Sodium: 2541
Fiber: 25
WW Pts: 26.4

I was a little over today but not too bad. I try to stay around 25-27 pts so not too bad at all. I had a decent amount of food but still low in fat, nothing I ate was overly fatty or calorie so Im pretty satisfied. Need to get in more fruits and veggies but two + vegetable soup isnt too bad either.

Also, we move into our house in 16 days I cant wait! I get my elliptical back that Ive missed dearly as I just dont have room to use it in an apartment. Also I have several fitness videos as well that Im planning to start using again. Its just not practical to use them here in an apartment as if I did them I would probably be hitting the ceiling and such so I think moving into a new house and having a pretty decent size living room that I can do my fitness videos + a room to put my elliptical so I can use it again. These two reasons are how I gained a lot more muscle and have honestly kind of lost it so Im working on losing but also need to work on toning up as well because I feel my body is kind of flabby..blah + my tummy is the pits..blah.... but I know Ill get it all back and just cant wait....

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Cory said...

Awesome job on the tracking. That's really great. Glad to hear you'll be getting you're exercise tools back soon as well. Living in an apartment sucks when it comes to that.

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